Untold – The story

In 2016 The Wizard made his appearance for the first time in the UNTOLD universe as a millenary presence.

He holds an absolute supernatural force, being the only one who can control the portal between the two worlds, the real world and the fantasy world.

In 2017 The Wizard brings a symbol of protection into our world, The Dragon, a character that first showed himself to humans many, many years ago, when people still used to believe in magic.

This year’s story transports the audience thousands of years back in time, when the destiny of humankind depended on legendary battles. The balance between good and evil had been heavily upset by a dark power that had overtaken most of our lands.

Thousands of knights had been trying to restore the balance but no human had the power to defeat evil alone.

As a protector of humanity through his endless powers, The Wizard summons the protector Dragon on an August night, deep in the woods of the Hoia-Baciu enchanted forest in the heart of Transylvania.

The Dragon, being aware of all the seen and unseen things in the universe, is the only one to know the true names of things.

The Dragon answers the call of The Wizard and gifts 4 magical Dragonstones – the essence of Love, Hope, Trust and Courage – to the bravest knights in the land.

Through the magic of the Stones, the knights unleash the forces of good from all around the Earth and together they defeat evil.

With the power of good having won the battle a new order is born: The Order Of The Dragon. To protect the secret of the Dragonstones, the followers of the Knights Of The Dragon hide them in a chest that disappears without a trace in the pages of history.

Many centuries have passed since that moment and now the time has come for thousands of young people to discover the powers of the Dragonstones once again during the 4 magical August days and nights they will be spending together at UNTOLD.

Source: https://untold.com