The Producer Keyboard – DAW Backlit PC Keyboard

You can spend hours – if not days creating your new beats and music, eyes focused on your bright monitor, so it’s important you choose the best tools to help you become more productive than ever before.

Well it’s just a standard keyboard, right? OK, it has some labels on for your DAW shortcuts, but what’s the big deal? Back-lit? Ah, now you’re talking. Yes, when it comes to gadgets, manufacturers know that by adding lights to something it makes that something about 1,000 percent better!

Eye strain is a big problem for most computer users and for editors working in a dimly lit room, the problem can be much greater. Did you know you can be causing yourself to suffer from eye strain, back pain, and neck pain?

Now for the first time, you can edit faster, reduce eye strain with the world’s first and only backlit editing keyboard

Martin Delaney said in his review: “There’s a lot of visual feedback – each key has an icon and a text label on a colored background – the colors are grouped according to the type of function they represent, which is a good idea.


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