Rats are the ultimate party animal, crave cocaine after drinking alcohol

Turns out rats can be just like humans (or vice versa, we’re not even sure anymore) and after a drink, they just love a little bit of the old nose candy.

In a recent study carried out by Columbia University Medical Center, researchers discovered that rats are the ultimate party animal.

When the rodents consumed alcohol every day for 10 days and were also given cocaine, they, in turn, developed a liking for the drug.

The rodents that had been given the alcohol pressed a lever 58 times to administer more cocaine.

Whereas, the rodents that had been given no alcohol pressed it a mere 18 times.

Mice got so keen for the cocaine that even electric shocks administered for pressing the lever didn’t deter them from dosing themselves up with the drug.

Of course, it’s unreasonable to draw the conclusion that rats and humans behave in the same manner.

Cocaine is clearly a hell of a drug for rats, as a 2012 study found it also makes them enjoy jazz. Proper party animals.