LastEDEN vibes will relax your spirit

Kirill Zverev is Composer/DJ at LastEDEN Chillout, Electronic music from Moscow Russia.

The beginning of his work can be attributed to about 1994 when he first got his very own synthesizer “Electronica EM-25”.

From that moment, he began writing some melodies and the first and most important record.

In 2003, he started a project called LastEDEN. The idea of the name came from a friend of his, by telling him that his music is calm and peaceful, like a heavenly delight.

In our insane and cruel world for someone, my music may be the last island paradise, peace, and tranquility where one can relax, unwind and get mental harmony. – Kirill

LastEDEN tracks feature chilled vocals and diverse organic elements. The sounds are perfectly blending together to create unique vibes and feelings.

Definitely, some great music to chill out your summer, so go check it out now and let us know what you think!

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