Ice Music Festival

Ice Music Festival 2018 is relocating to the exotic mountains of Finse, Norway.

Feb 2nd & 3rd 2018

Ice Music Festival (initiated 2006 in Geilo, Norway) is a “glacial instrument” festival founded by Terje Isungset together with Pål Knutsson Medhus.

Isungset had the idea behind the festival and remains the creative director. Today, the festival is run by a board of volunteers in cooperation with Visit Geilo.

The Ice Music festival is unique because everything, including the venue, instruments, and art, is made of ice and snow.

It takes place on every first full moon of the year in Geilo, Norway. Around 30 volunteers and students work alongside ice carvers, designers, ice cutters, architects and artists for 10 days leading up to the festival to make adequate preparations

The Ice Music Festival has been an annual event since 2006, showcasing music performed on instruments made from ice.

Terje Isungset is the founder of the ice music as a phenomen, and he has been travelling around the whole world with ice music concerts since 1999. Isungset had the idea of making a festival where everyone participating must create their art using only ice and snow.

This requirement allowed for a pool of creativity among musicians, dancers, and other artists. In recent years, several students from the University of Bergen have been participating in the program as well.

Isungset is in charge of the record label All Ice Records, and the festival cooperates with this label in producing ice music

The stages are built from scratch every year, which is a major art project completed by the students from UiB

With the ice as the foundation for the festival, the program is entirely tailored around it. Nevertheless, every version of the festival is different.

Every year, a new “instrument of the year” is made. Over the years, this has included the ice-kantele, ice-didgeridoo, ice-harp, ice-udu, ice-drum, ice-balafon, ice-hardanger fiddle, tub-ice, ice-leik, ice-bass, ice-ofon, ice-trumpet, ice-horn and ice-percussion.

The festival focuses strongly on music, but the festival is also meant to highlight a focus on the climate crisis, as melting icecaps is one of the clearest signs of global warming.

The “Bjerknesinstituttet” in Bergen is doing research on global warming, and the festival cooperates with involved in the research, who give lectures during the festival.

Many various musicians have participated in the festival over the years, including Arve Henriksen, Anders Jormin‚ Miss Tati, Eirik Glambek Bøe and Sara Marielle Gaup.

The musicians cover many different genres, from folk music and jazz to pop and R&B, and they all have different origins.

We’re really pleased to announce the line up for our mini Ice Music Festival 2018 in our new location of Finse, Norway. Anchored by the Ice Music pioneer Terje Isungset and giant of sublime musical improvisation, Arve Henriksen – we can’t wait to welcome you in February 2018. Details about the new location can be found in our previous news post ❄️

Their collaboration at the Ice Music Festival creates music like no other.



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