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Google Play Music on Android is now playable from search results

Google Play Music is debuting a useful feature in its Android app that lets you play music straight from search results. The update spotted by 9to5Google comes several months after the same feature rolled out on Play Music’s web interface, and appears to be enabled server side — meaning it might be awhile before you see it in your own app, like we do in ours.

If you’re searching for a song, album, or artist, the first three results in the dropdown will show your results with artwork on the left and a play button on the right. If your results are for a song or album, tapping play will mean they start automatically. If it’s an artist, music will play in shuffle mode.

Auto suggestions that usually pop up have been pushed lower and are limited to three results. When you push the play button, a brief note pops up to indicate the song will begin playing before being sent to the bottom of the screen as seen in the screenshot below.

Google Play Music

Sometimes however, the app struggles to find the right song, even if those songs are on Play Music. Google should be able to find them, but oddly doesn’t at times.

Otherwise, playing straight from the search dropdown saves time by reducing the number of taps required to play your music. And any update that lowers the time-to-music is a worthy update.

This new feature does not appear to be version specific and is likely a server-side update. When searching for a track, album, or artist, the dropdown is no longer limited to auto suggestions. Instead, those have been pushed down and are limited to three results.

The first three results are now for the corresponding artist, album, or song of your search, with artwork on the left and a play button on the right-hand side. With the latter, songs and albums automatically begin playing, while artists will start a shuffle. Users can also tap results to view a listing directly.

This new search dropdown is available from anywhere in Play Music and coexists with the full search results page. For those who already know what they are searching for, it’s a tremendous time saver.

Google Play Music’s search interface is appearing on devices running both version 7.9 and 7.10 of the app.

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