Fresh new house vibes from Dj TiTi “Shanghai”

Dj TiTi “Shanghai” is on the roll. His music skills are blooming. You can feel his perseverance and hard work on every track of his own.

So for DJ TiTi fans, we have some exciting new tracks:

The first one is “Jasmine Flowers”:

A nod to China culture . when electronic western music meets ancient Chinese opera , the result is surprising. -DJ TiTi

Featuring an atmospheric chant-like build and killer bass sound design on the explosive break, this tune is awesome from start to end.

Check out “Prime”:

Prime the 4th track of reborn EP, actually it’s a nod for my friend and for sure one of my greatest friend Nico. -DJ TiTi

The transitions are well executed and the energy is on point thanks to the frequent changes in the rhythm and drums of the track. Definitely a release you don’t want to miss out on, so go check it out now and let us know what you think!

Let’s dance and get “Wild”

I’m glad to present you today, the 5th track of reborn, Tribal House with Chinese instrument like Pipa – DJ TiTi

The track flows perfectly from start till the end, with a solid bouncy drum work and a jungle bass line. The vocal samples cuts are creating a perfect balance, adding more color and musicality to a heavy and strong instrumental part. CHECK THIS OUT!


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