Elihu – Propaganda (Silly Wrist Remix)

Silly Wrist has dropped their latest slammer by remixing “Elihu – Propaganda

Perfectly packed with grimy beats and wub-filled loops, “Propaganda” exudes original gore-step vibes that will set off a domino effect of head banging crowds.

Between the killer atmospheric buildup and the energetic earth-shattering and electrifying dub-step vibes, the track possesses some Ragga vibes that would certainly cause chaos on any dance floor.

The reggae feel gives this track softer, more melodic branch of dubstep that has summer festivals written all over it.

The perfect balance between the instrumental and vocals are making the remix flow gently to an unexpected finish. Then, you will do exactly what we did: play it again.

Elihu – Propaganda (Silly Wrist Remix) is the perfect combination for any great remix! Check it out below!

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