Dj TiTi Shanghai is back with some great new music

Last year has surely been amazing for Dj TiTi Shanghai. He had an incredible success with his music.

However, it looks like the music producer has bigger things in store for this year.

What I like most about the tracks released by Dj TiTi Shanghai is the great blend between old school house and funky sounds and the actual raw house vibes.

It provides the listener with an opportunity to explore other sounds as he continues to push the boundaries of music and refuse to be limited by sometimes restrictive genre categorization.

Today we are presenting you 3 of the newest tracks of the talented producer.

So…Let’s get this party started!

We Are Animals

In reference of the French Bangers party On 20th Jan in Shanghai (Don’t miss it by the way) Here my new Track ” We are all animals” it’s time to release the animal is inside you. Stop thinking we are only human being, let get wild, let our bodies get the control and F…the mind, Show what animal you really are, Lion, Tiger, Monkey, Snake, About myself what I do know I’m definitely Untamed…-Dj TiTi

This track starts with a funky jungle groove combined with repetitive vocal samples.

This creates the necessary tension before the bass filed part, which comes in full force.

Overall this is not just an easy listening song, but also a tune that you can dance on with your friends.

Everything sounds almost perfect on this one, from start to finish so I really suggest you to add it to your playlist:

From China With Love

To celebrate The event “007 Elegance on the Bund” on 31st at “The Peninsula” with MVP ( Pm me for booking) Big fan of James Bond, I have reworded the famous 007 soundtrack. Référence to my favorite one “From Russia with Love”. Enjoy the 6th track of Firsteps“ From China with Love”-Dj TiTi

From the uplifting chords to the ingenious percussion placement and Bond’s vocals, TiTi’s next offering could very well be one of the most magical releases of recent times.

This tune has everything you might want, from a superb melodic 007 break theme, that will stay in your head for hours, to an explosive drop part designed to make you dance and jump in no time.

Born In China

Once again, I try to match Western House music with Chinese traditional song. Born In China, It’s a nod to my Boy, the fruit of my love, a mix of 2 cultures. Music and Love the most important things which drive my life.
Enjoy and support “诞生在中国” -Dj TiTi

The melodies and mix are on point, the vocals chops and synths are complementing each other very well and the structure is amazing.

The track stays fresh and energetic right from the start and all the way to the end.

Great flow on this one with a lot of energy!

In case you didn’t know, these 3 great tracks are also a part of FIRSTEPS, the latest album of Dj TiTi Shanghai

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