DieOne Techno – Fear For Thier Lives ( Terror Dub 125 Bpm)

It’s always a pleasure to review a tune that sounds totally different than most tracks released these days because it shows that somewhere, there are still producers that have the ambition and courage to try new approaches and discover new styles.

This is also the case with DieOne Techno recent techno hybrid called “Fear For Thier Lives”.

Tracks from DieOne Techno feature large, open spaces, put into contrast with almost intimate atmospheres, always carrying the groove on to dance the night away.

DieOne Techno is always using  “world instruments” in his music:

I love techno and the underground. The reason why I sound the way I do is because it is what it is, real-world sounds.

It’s not easy to make music out of the sources I use and what they end up sounding like.

You’d never guess… this is a description of one of my instruments:

Took an empty 5-gallon plastic bucket placed upright empty, took my micro-track recorder in stereo, held above the bucket recording.

Next backed up kicked the bucket! (true life Doppler effect!!) took it home, ripped WAV, speed it up added effects and a beat words …

Now it’s “Fear for their lives” (1:09 is a clear break so you can hear for yourself)

All my sounds are unique for a reason. I want to sound like me, DieOne Techno

If anything, I hope to inspire creativity. Thanks, and have fun with your craft.

Peace friends. – DieOne Techno

Fear For Thier Lives has a dark, mysterious and aggressive vibe, but somewhere along the way, it’s pulsating with some beautiful melodic plucks, that feel like some rays of light in a dark and massive void.

What we have here is a high-quality underground material, perfect for any fall parties or even your personal library.

Overall, Fear For Thier Lives is quite a unique tune that I strongly suggest you give at least one play below:

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