Dark and mysterious vibes are emerging from DieOne’s latest techno release – Ninja Snaps

DieOne is bringing some really dark, mysterious and powerful techno vibes with his latest work called “ Ninja Snaps”.

The drum-work is flowing aggressively and mean, while the minimal leads and synths interventions are giving the required dose of the dark vibe.

The throbbing kick and bass and acid blips are set against rising, white-noise drenched synth swells and simple percussion to create something moody and tough yet teasingly pared back.

Sometimes its not about love. It’s about getting over it. Dance away your hurt. Move on. Don’t hurt. ” It’ll be alright” – DieOne


 “Ninja Snaps” manages not only to make your body move but to also send you some strange and cold chills on your back spine.

Great techno production right here and if you love this genre, this track is a must for your personal playlist!

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