Best Ways To Promote Your Music

The Best Ways To Promote Your Music

Promote your music, because your tracks will be heard by more than 100.000 music lovers from all our Social Platforms + the visitors that are coming here to read about their favorite artists, festival news or maybe studio equipment. It’s enough to try our services once to be convinced about our promotion power. 

Just imagine, 40.000 visitors/month and rising and more than 80.000 music fans from our social platforms, will hear your music

If you want to increase your fan base and plays, all you have to do is to promote your music with us. Our amazingly fast fan base growth a certain proof of the quality that we strive to offer. More and more producers, artists, DJ’s and labels are coming back after they used at least once our promotion services. 


The Best Ways To Promote Your Music

Send us your music bellow:

1. For Soundcloud Re-post, share on Twitter, Facebook, use this contact form:

( We accept mashups, remixes, bootlegs or sets)

(We don’t accept playlists-multiple tracks in one)


Potential fans reach around 10000

Coupon code (optional):


2. For Soundcloud Upload & Youtube Video Upload use this contact form:
(Remember that we upload only original mixes which are FREE DOWNLOADS. Don’t waste your and our time by uploading mashups, remixes, bootlegs or sets) If the track doesn’t have a download button, we will repost your own upload instead. Or if you desire, we will promote your own Youtube Video.

(Just write down in the box)


Potential fans reach around 18000

Coupon code (optional):


3. WorldwideMusicFactory Website – Article about you and your track use this form:

Article post on:

Social Platforms: – Google+ | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Tumblr | Pinterest

REPOST on our Facebook group (19000 members and counting)

FREE REPOST on our Soundcloud account and FREE REPOSTS from all of our partners’ accounts


Potential fans reach around 40000

Coupon code (optional):


If you believe that your music has what it takes to be exposed to our followers, record label owners and other producers, then don’t hesitate to send us your tracks 🙂

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