10 great gifts ideas for DJ or producer

The winter holidays are upon us! With the holidays comes a season of gifts and giving to the people who matter to you.

Whether you need to find gifts for your DJ friends, studio producer colleagues, or even just ideas for hints to send to your  relatives, we’ve put together a special holiday gift guide for your use.

Gifts for Music Producers and DJ’s :

“Music Theory for Computer Musicians” book

  • Price: $27 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs turned producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Music theory can be pretty overwhelming. Reading this book with a keyboard next to you will seriously improve your theory and ability to write more memorable songs.


Yamaha HS 5/7/8 Speakers

  • Price: $400-$700/pair (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs and Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: You get a lot for your money here. The flat frequency response and adjustable room controls help ensure the mixdown you hear translates. The adjustable bass EQ make these great for dance music.

ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

  • Price: $100-$150 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs and Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Critically acclaimed sonic performance praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers



Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 

  • Price: $100-$150 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs and Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: ONE PLUG: DJ Controller powered by USB connection to computer for home and aspiring DJs


M-Audio Code 49


  • Price: $250-$300 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs and Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: 49 full-size, velocity-sensitive keys with after touch and four assignable zones for splits and layering and LCD provides instant parameter feedback


Pocket Operator Synths

  • Price: $50-$60 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Producers who travel
  • Why it’s a great gift: This is a super fun way to sketch out musical ideas and have more fun during a boring commute or airport layover.


Crane Stand Plus

  • Price: $60-$70 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Mobile and club DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: DJ booths always seem to be cramped. Make use of vertical space with this stand. Also works great for improving a home setup so you’re not hunched over.


Headphone Patent Poster

  • Price: $20-$30 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Design-minded headphone lovers?
  • Why it’s a great gift: It’s a cool poster with multiple angles of headphones. It looks cool. Perfect for sprucing up some bare studio walls, perhaps?


USB 3.0 64 GB “Survivor” Flash Drive

  • Price: $35-$45 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: CDJ DJs who kill flash drives easily
  • Why it’s a great gift: This flash drive is particularly useful due to its rugged design among less durable equivalents. Think of this as a cheap insurance policy and an opportunity to DJ whenever the option presents itself.

Earplugs for DJs

  • Price: $15-$20 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs who don’t want to lose their hearing
  • Why it’s a great gift: Tinnitus is a serious concern for regular DJs. Being half-deaf by age 30 isn’t cool, nor is stopping DJing due to doctors orders. Avoid a sad fate, and grab a pair of these, and maybe a backup too.

That’s the end of the list for this year’s holiday gift guide.

Have more ideas for great DJ or producer gifts? Share in the comments.